Smart lockers

Affordable and fast shipping experience
with flexible pickup time and secure space.

Why Smart lockers! 

Return Management

Parcel tracking

flexible Pick-up time

Smart Drop-Off and Pick-up

How it works

We are facilitating the process of delivering and receiving customer orders anytime and anywhere.


Create order

Choose to receive your parcel at one of our lockers addresses during your online shopping.


Drop-off in locker

The shipping company drop your parcel in our locker.


Pick-up request

You will be notified when order is received and ready for Pick-up


We provides smart parcel lockers services to customers in the Egypt. Customers can receive and return their packages through our parcel lockers within hundreds of Points around the city.

With Ftrina, customers can pick up and return their packages through our Point that is near home or workplace. It is more convenient and no need for time arrangements with delivery drivers.

By shopping from partners' websites that provide Ftrina Shipping as a delivery option (Check the partners' list).

Once your package gets deposited into the our locker, you will receive an SMS with PIN CODE and a tracking link. You can go to the selected Locker then enter the PIN CODE or scan the QR code.

Customers will have up to 48 hours to pick up their packages.

Customer can extend the time using the Tracking Page received on your phone. Extra fees applied for this service.


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