Ftrina Limited is a company operating in HK, US, UK, EG, AE since 2016. We are a leading whole-seller, distributor, forwarder, supplier and digital agency for various brands. Our experience in providing product and promotion online & offline over 15 years allows us to offer our customers products equally matched in luxury and comfort. We take pride in our ability to provide a wide selection of our large inventory at both the best quality and the best prices that are built on the foundations of client trust and customer care. We focus our business on ensuring that each of our customers returns happy and satisfied every time they work or shop with us.

If you do care about your brand, your logo and like to show your products globally and grow your sales in various regains, we provide the required solution for your company, Whether technical, administrative, financial or marketing.

The ability to plan customer-centric that’ll cater to the omnichannel consumer that Resulting from experience over 10 years practice and our nexus with partners  Whether technical, administrative, financial or marketing,In addition to understanding the market rules, We are curious and love to open up new markets and work with exotic products.

There are billions of products in this world that are similar in character and characteristics,What distinguishes is how curious is company care about brand and customer satisfaction, define local rules and culture, study local risk, innovate solution and Do the right thing in the right way to let good result happened.

Our Mission
Show your products globally,This simple sentence contains all our goals, dreams, mission and behaviors. Many difficulties we have encountered in order to grow and sell single products globally, We worked keep working hardly and narrowly Until our footprint Become a sign to guide products and brand developer to global market,whoever you are Start a business or develop it Our doors are open and Our hands are outstretched,Work hard and compete with honor to provide the best of what it must be provided, innovate and inspire, create and develop to wreaths In order to receive the honor of bearing industry leader.

Our Vision
Create opportunity for small business to show products globally, create solutions where the company wins, the customers wins, the community wins, by thinking sustainably to make decisions that last longer than us and make an impact to leave this world better than we found it, We call it Win,Win, Win if you like to win.

Our value
Customer-centric that’ll cater to the omnichannel consumer, we believe if a company knew their customers, they must provide what they need to achieve success,nexus with partners  Whether technical, administrative, financial or marketing,to understanding the market rules to open up new markets and work with markets According to local rules and culture.